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About Us

A Not-for-Profit organization, the Art Cabriolet (AC) provides multiple platforms of creative art therapies for the expression, experience and understanding of personal trauma for children/adolescents.  

AC uses creative art therapies to emotionally strengthen children/adolescents braving physical or psychological distress associated with trauma.  Custom design and creative art therapy programs are implemented with health carers, social workers, psychologists, teachers and even parents. 

AC produces safe, creative and fun environments allowing trust between children/adolescents to develop with art therapists.  AC provides and supplies all equipment and materials necessary for the production of art in all mediums. All art programs are ‘profiled’ to suit children’s circumstances so that relief and release from physical, emotional and/or psychological suffering and distress can be harnessed and developed.  


Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

To serve the community of children and adolescents braving trauma and extenuating circumstances.

  • To profile creative art therapies and forums that assert our vision.
  • To pursue the act of smiling.



Vision Statement

The pursuit of smiling for children and adolescents braving physical, psychological and emotional trauma.

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The core of the Art Cabriolet are a team of dedicated and passionate individuals.