What is Creative Art Therapy?

Creative Art therapy uses art, music, movement/dance, poetry/creative writing, sand play, and drama within the context of psychotherapy, rehabilitation or counseling. Art therapy is the purposeful use of these creative processes to support well-being and self-actualization.

Creative Art therapy is often a nonverbal process and so expands the ways children/adolescents can convey ideas and emotions providing an opening to explore, understand, and resolve issues which may be difficult talking about in a regular conversation.

The Art Cabriolet provides multiple platforms for art therapies for the expression, experience and understanding of personal trauma for children/adolescents.  We target remedial outcomes for children/adolescents braving trauma or living in challenging conditions. 


Art Cabriolet and the Person Centred Approach.

A person centred approach ensures that the child or adolescent are always supported in a respectful and dignified way. They are valued and listened to without judgement, no matter what their circumstance. This philosophy optimises a person’s control through the sharing of power and decision-making. Maximising independence by building on individual strengths, interest and abilities.

Essentially, a person centred approach is about seeing the human being over their trauma. At the Art Cabriolet our art therapists are person centred across all our programs. When we work with a child or adolescent, we make sure we keep their strengths, interests and their uniqueness as our primary focus.