Does The Art Cabriolet have Tax Deductibility Gift Recipient Status?
Yes, donations of $2.00 or more is tax deductible.

Is The Art Cabriolet a not-for-profit organization?
Yes. As well being a not-for-profit, The Art Cabriolet is a non-government organization that is enlisted as a Public Benevolent Institution with the Australian Taxation Office.

Is The Art Cabriolet a registered Charity?

Yes, registration was granted by The Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission in March 2013.

How does The Art Cabriolet fund its art projects?
The Art Cabriolet relies on private and corporate funding, sponsorship from the private sector & annual fundraisers.

What art programs are run for Cabriolet Children?
Our current projects utilize any form of art such as photography, dance, choreography, writing and editing, painting, sculpting, book authorship and illustration.

How long do the art programs go for?
Projects have no expiry date. Our philosophy is to work where we are needed and to evaluate throughout the program outcomes with a collaborative approach.

What is the SAAAC Program?
The SAAAC is an initiative set up by the Art Cabriolet (AC) team to award students throughout Victorian schools who demonstrate and participate in philanthropic initiatives of their own accord. Children, through their own personal growth, who bring charitable consciousness and activity into their school are recognized and awarded for their efforts in this program.

What do volunteers require?
Current Working With Children's Check, current police check, one photograph for our records, signed agreement letter regarding our policies and procedures for volunteering, be interviewed and be 18 years of age or over.