Svetlana Bykovec

Art Therapist / Program Director

BA.,Psychology; Dip. Transpersonal Art Therapy; Grad Dip. Therapeutic Arts Practice; B.Holistic Counselling; Cert. AT Supervision; Cert. Advanced Focusing.

Svetlana is the Art Cabriolet’s senior art therapist and is responsible for researching, creating and facilitating programs that support children and adolescents enduring trauma. She works across a broad range of organisations including hospitals, hospices, youth centres, schools and outreach support. Some of her most sacred work is with end of life children and their families.

Svetlana engages with children/adolescent both individually and in small groups, providing a person-centred, creative and holistic approach. She combines her knowledge, skills and training in the field of art therapy and psychology to effectively support a diverse populations with a variety of needs.

Svetlana came to the Art Cabriolet 5 years ago when she volunteered for one of the programs and fell in love with the Art Cabriolet's vision.  As lead art therapist, her goal is to ensure that the art therapy team work with a person-centred philosophy and that each child and adolescent is always at the centre of sessions.

Svetlana is currently completing her Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice.